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Let's create a new state. Click the "Add Newnew state" button to get to the creation form.


  • Name. The name of the state, as it should be displayed on invoices and the package. It should therefore be in the language of the state's country.
  • ISO code. The state's ISO-3166-2 code:
    1. Go to this Wikipedia page:,
    2. Click the state's country two-letter code (in the "Entry" column of the main table of the above mentioned Wikipedia page),
    3. On that same page, find the state's code (it should be in a list on the page, or in the text for the smallest countries),
    4. If there is one, remove the country's prefix in order to keep the code under 4 characters. For instance, the full ISO 3166-2 for Devon, in the United Kingdom, is "GB-DEV". Simply use "DEV" as the state's ISO code – it already is attached to the country using PrestaShop's "Country" drop-down list (see next step).
  • Country. Indicate its country using the drop-down list.
  • Zone. Indicate its geographical zone using the drop down list. Pay attention not to use the wrong zone, as this can mix up PrestaShop's country and zone settings.
  • Status. A disabled state will not be suggested as an option when a visitor wants to register and create a new account.