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About PrestaShop 1.7

The 1.7.x branch of PrestaShop is the latest branch of PrestaShop, first released as a stable version in November of 2016. Read more about it here.

It is constantly being improved upon. You can see it get better (and contribute to it!) here:
Download it here!

Documentation for PrestaShop 1.7

Versions of PrestaShop 1.7

Here are the 1.7 branch release dates:

Version number

Release date


PrestaShop 18, 2022Blogpost
PrestaShop 9, 2022Blogpost
PrestaShop 27, 2022Blogpost
PrestaShop 7, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 15, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 7, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 14, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 19, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 9, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 1June 2, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 3, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 30, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 22, 2021Blogpost
PrestaShop 11, 2021Blogpost


December 3rd, 2020 Blogpost
PrestaShop 16th, 2020Blogpost
PrestaShop RC1November 3rd, 2020Blogpost
PrestaShop 24th, 2020Blogpost
Prestashop Beta 2September 1st, 2020Blogpost
PrestaShop 6th, 2020Blogpost
PrestaShop 2nd, 2020Blogpost
Prestashop Beta 1May 13rd, 2020Blogpost

April 20th, 2020


March 5th, 2020

PrestaShop 21st, 2020Blogpost
PrestaShop 28th, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop 26th, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop 10th, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop RC2July 5th, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop RC1June 25th, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 1May 13th, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop 3rd, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop 18th, 2019Blogpost
PrestaShop 18th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop RC1December 10th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 1November 8th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 7th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 3rd, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 27th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 16th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 4th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 27th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 1June 13th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 28th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 3rd, 2018Blogpost


April 10th, 2018


PrestaShop 28th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop RC1February 19th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 1December 15th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 21st, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 24th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 9th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 31st, 2017


PrestaShop 16th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 20th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop RC1July 4th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 7th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 20th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 3rd, 2017Announcement, blogpost
PrestaShop 6th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 1February 27th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 13th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 10th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 21st, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop 28th, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop 21st, 2016


November 7th, 2016Announcement, blogpost
PrestaShop RC3October 27th, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop RC2October 10th, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop RC1September 20th, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop RC0
August 29th, 2016


PrestaShop Beta 3
August 1st, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 2
July 18th, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop Beta 1
June 2nd, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop alpha 4
April 25th, 2016Blogpost

PrestaShop alpha 3

April 4th, 2016


PrestaShop alpha 2
February 29th, 2016(internal release)
PrestaShop alpha 1
February 12th, 2016(internal release)
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