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Order Messages

When you have to send a message to your customers using the PrestaShop interface (from the order page), you can choose to save this message in order to send it out again to other customers with similar questions, comments, or concerns.

To do this, go to the "Order Messages" page under the "Customer Service" menu. One default message is already saved: "Delay".

Creating a new message

To add another pre-defined message, click on the "Add new order message" button. You can also edit the default message.

The form goes to the essentials:

  • Name. Give your message a descriptive name so that you can easily find it again later.
  • Message. Write out the content that you wish to send to your customers.

Once done, click on "Save".

You can create as many messages as needed.

Sending a message to a customer

Once you pre-written messages are all set, you can send them by going directly into a customer's order:

  1. Select the pre-written message.
  2. Edit it if needed, in order to tailor it to the order or the customer.
  3. Enable the "Display to customer?" option.
  4. Click "Send message".

Your customer will receive the message on the email address associated with this account. To follow-up on the conversion, go to "Customer Service" page, in the "Customers" menu.

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