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Customizing your shop

This guide will teach you about all the various options and features of a standard PrestaShop installation. Diving into PrestaShop means exploring many settings and possibilities, and the power of PrestaShop will little by little be presented to you.

You will soon learn that you can go even further than a standard installation. Indeed, by default your shop has one theme and a hundred of modules, but you can install as many themes and modules as you see fit to expand your shop and make it truly yours.

Themes and modules creators upload their creation on the PrestaShop Addons website, at, the only official PrestaShop marketplace, where shop owners can find many ways to extend and improve their shop.

Creating an account in is free, and many quality add-ons are free too. Browse the many categories, search for a specific keyword, then buy and download the add-on you need and install it on your shop – either in the /modules or /themes folder of your PrestaShop installation.

You do not have to be a PrestaShop expert to start shopping for add-ons: have a look at more than a thousand of modules and more than 900 themes right now!



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