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New features in PrestaShop 1.5

If PrestaShop is new to you, the release of v1.5 means there has never been a better time to download our free, open-source software. If you want to sample the new version of PrestaShop for yourself, simply click here and you will automatically be redirected to our download page.

Installation and customization are a breeze, and we invite you to watch this short configuration video to see how simple it is for everyone to start their own online business with PrestaShop 1.5.

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, owning and operating an online store has never been easier. With more than 300+ out-of-the-box features included in PrestaShop 1.5, anyone can create a truly unique and successful online business.

The list of new features housed in v1.5 is far too long to mention in its entirety here, but we’re happy to highlight some of the key ones for you, below.

Multi-store management

With options for multiple currencies, multiple languages and multiple domains, multi-store management is complete, efficient and integrated into PrestaShop. Multistore allows any merchant, regardless of its size to manage multiple stores from a single back-office.

  • Centralized management of multiple stores in a single back-office

  • Catalog management by shop and group of shops

  • Per-shop graphic theme

  • Shop duplication with customizable importation of the configuration of another shop

  • Per-shop URL which takes your preferences into account (language, currency, root category...)

  • Per-shop carrier assignment

  • Stock can be shared or strictly separated within a shop group
  • Orders and carts can be shared or strictly separated within a shop group

  • Customer accounts can be shared or strictly separated within a shop group

Improved back-office

With an improved, ergonomic back office and an updated graphical layout and design, it is even more pleasant and convenient to manage your shop daily. The new back-office also respects the MVC pattern to allow developers to quickly make customizations.

  • Action button bar is always visible

  • More efficient navigation using drop-down menu
  • Product sheet reworking as a vertical page with tabs for SEO, associations, supplier, quantity, etc.
  • Category and product tree structure improved using tabs
  • Back-office homepage reworked: shortcuts, uses the whole screen size.

New front-office default theme

The customer experience is improved, including the order process and the most comprehensive product descriptions, as well as a more attractive default home page.

  • New design with an horizontal navigation bar

  • Slider on the homepage

  • More advanced SEO

  • Complete footer

  • Social sharing feature, reassurance block, confidentiality

New module API

With the new API, the module structure has been revised to help you simply and efficiently manage updates to all of your modules. The API's will now automatically check to ensure you always have the latest versions of each module.

  • Improved modules and modules favorites presentation and management
  • New module API allows automatic notifications of modules with available updates, and easier downloading of modules that were purchased on the Add-ons store
  • Improved employees access rights management system, allowing permissions to be granted on a per-module basis

Centralized Integrated Customer Service

The integrated customer service feature has been greatly improved, and now centralizes all of your messages from different sources: orders, contact page, etc. You will no longer struggle to find a message through multiple interfaces, they are all be grouped into a single page.

  • Centralized messages: orders, feedback, contact

  • IMAP retrieval, using SSL or not, directly in the customer service interface
  • Simplified and ergonomic navigation

Price rules

With price rules, you can create mass discount rules for the customer's cart: add a gift if the cart price exceeds a set amount, apply a discount if some predefined products are added to the cart, add free shipping for some products... All of this can be done with a few clicks.

  • Price rules can be customized by product or by product category

  • Many parameters can be set: discount value, duration, calculation mode (amount or percentage)
  • Free product with customized threshold
  • Specific product in the basket

  • Per-shop discount and selection

  • Cart rule discount prioritization
  • Per-customer and per-customer group discounts
  • Per-manufacturer, per-supplier and per-attribute discounts
  • Per-country discounts
  • Discount rule combination, accumulation and activation/deactivation
  • Direct and automatic impact of rules on the cart

Improved localization and tax packs

  • Improved tax management, making it possible to take local specificities into account
  • Automatic configuration of taxes during the shop installation process
  • New per-zip code tax system for North America
  • Adaptation to the majority of countries and their specific laws

Automatic update

Those already using PrestaShop to fuel your e-commerce dreams will be delighted to know how easy it is to upgrade your current store. PrestaShop's core developers have spent countless hours designing a "1-click upgrade" module that, when installed in your back office, will allow any current PrestaShop merchant to update their store to v1.5 with effective ease and efficiency.

  • Database and files backup
  • Automatic update to the latest version of PrestaShop
  • Possibility for rollback to the previous state of the shop, in case errors occur during upgrade
  • Recovery of customized translations is now easier than ever

Advanced stock management with supply orders

For greater efficiency, PrestaShop 1.5 includes a stock management tool allowing merchants to separate your physical stock from your available quantities. You can manage your physical stock in various warehouses, generate supply orders and have an overview of your inventory through clear and detailed interfaces. This inventory management tool is natively compatible with the new multistore feature. Finally, for flexibility in managing customer orders, partial deliveries are now available.

  • Warehouse management and physical quantity monitoring
  • Advanced stock management with notion of physical stock, of available quantity for sale, of stock value...
  • Supplier orders management
  • Stock movement history and simplified edition of stock
  • Configurable out of stock alerts
  • Inventory valuation (AVCO, FIFO, LIFO) for a given currency

Creating and editing orders from the back-office

Order modification from the back-office has been optimized and made more flexible. I can be used to edit already-ordered carts or products. You can also place orders from the back-office, make it possible for you to help your customers buy from your site – for instance, when they contact you by phone.

  • Ability to create a customer profile during the order creation process or when check for the existence of an account for the name of the customer
  • Ability to recover and existing order or an abandoned cart
  • A payment link is sent to the customer with all the order's parameters that are already validated
  • Adding, modifying and deleting products and the price of an order
  • Adding and deleting discounts to/from an order
  • Changing the order's currency if it has not yet been paid

Improving the management of downloadable products

We have made selling downloadable products (photos, music, computer files, etc...) easier to manage on a daily basis. You can even create packages of multiple downloadable products. The file upload process has also been improved in order to quickly put your products online.

  • File upload is much faster and easier to use.
  • Customized promotional rules

New shop installer

We have made installing your PrestaShop store a breeze. You have the option to only download what you need (languages, taxes, etc.).

  • Improved theme installer
  • Improved PrestaShop installer

Rewriting of PrestaShop core code

Major parts of PrestaShop's core code have been rewritten to follow the MVC pattern and the object paradigm. This will make it even easier for all developers to build upon PrestaShop.    

  • MVC refactoring of the core: Data handling has been moved to be more generic and usable in different contexts. The code is thus reusable and more logical.
  • Dispatcher: All pages are now routed through a single page, in order to centralize data handing and have better control over URLs, access rights, etc. The code now is thus cleaner and more readable.
  • Creation of a registry: Global variables have been replaced with a system based on the Registry design pattern. This improves the robustness of the code makes it possible to more easily manage the different contexts for the same data handing

Performance and technical tools

  • APC and XCache support (in addition to Memcache)
  • PDO / MySLI support: improves performance and script security
  • SQL Manager: run and save SQL queries such as select, directly from the back-office thanks to a tool presenting the available tables and attributes. View the results and export them
  • The PDF document generator has been modified: it now uses TCPDF, which makes it possible to generate PDF documents from HTML templates. PrestaShop's PDF document customization is thus greatly simplified
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