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El Su título de este capítulo lo dice todo: la página "Tema y Logotipo" te permite gestionar administrar de manera eficiente los temas de tu tienda, y a esta página es donde debes dirigirte si deseas actualizar el logotipo de tu tienda para adaptarlo a tu negocio. Desde la versión 1.7.4, dos nuevas pestañas refuerzan esta parte de la oficina administrativa: "Configuración de la página de inicio" y "Personalización avanzada".

Table of Contents


Tu tema actual

La primera sección de la página sirve como recordatorio de cuál es el tema que estás utilizando actualmente, con sus detalles:



¿Estás creando temas tan buenos que otros comerciantes podrían pagar dinero por ello?. Puedes venderlos en Addons, el marketplace oficial de temas y módulos de PrestaShop:

Homepage Configuration


Here is one of the feature we're really proud of: the homepage's cartography! As each part of the front office belongs to a dedicated module, every little modification brings back to the "Modules" page to find the right module and finally access its configuration page... not that intuitive, right? Now the cartography allows a double view for a quicker theme customization, and happier merchants!

Image Added

On the left side, an illustration of the homepage enables you to find the part you want to modify. It creates a simplified version of the PrestaShop front office with this interactive wireframe. On the right side, a mirrored view shows the module selection you need to configure for the modification.

Our homepage is divided into 7 different categories: menu, slider, home products, text block, banner, social & newsletter, and footer. Each category is a tab collapsible to display related features from both core pages and native modules. Features can be either installed, configured or disabled. Be aware that clicking on the "Configure" button makes the merchant redirected to the feature configuration page.

Advanced Customization


This part is dedicated to technical merchants and developers who want to customize their theme using the Parent/Child theme feature, which has been introduced in 1.7.

By clicking on "Download theme", you will be able to get a zip of the current theme. Next step regards its edition, just bring specific adjustments within the desired files to customize it. Finally, upload it. Yep, it is already done!

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