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titleKeyboard shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts have been introduced in PrestaShop 1.7 to help you save time when you create several products in a row. The behavior is the same as described above, and it works for the following options:

  • Duplicate: ALT+SHIFT+D
  • Enable/Disable on your store: ALT+SHIFT+O
  • Add a new product: ALT+SHIFT+P
  • Go back to the catalog: ALT+SHIFT+Q
  • Save: ALT+SHIFT+S
  • Preview: ALT+SHIFT+V


Creating a product

The product page, which has been redesigned in PrestaShop 1.7, makes it easier to create a product thanks to enhanced tabs.


Each image can have a caption: use it to briefly describe the image (and the product). It is important for the SEO since it is considered as the alt attribute of the image, and therefore it helps search engines to better rank your product. If you have several languages, don't forget to translate it!