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There are many more modules available on the PrestaShop Addons website (, PrestaShop's official marketplace. Some are free, others are for-pay, and you are sure to find something that suits your needs! Once you are a seasoned module developer/theme designer, you can even submit your own creations, and sell them on Addons!

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The "Modules Catalog" page gives you a quick and easy access to the online Addons database of modules and themes. Its interface is pretty straightforward:

  • A search field, with which you can search the whole content of the Addons website.
  • A drop-down list that allows you to filter by categories.
  • A few selections of modules that you can buy directly, that will help you achieve certain business objectives:
    • Be visible
    • Boost your sales
    • Increase your customer's average cart size
    • Building trust with payment modules
    • Opt for speed with shipment modules
    • Free partner modules


Clicking on an item will open its Addons page in a new browser tab.


Addons is the official marketplace for PrestaShop Modules modules and Themesthemes. This is where shop owners can get all the necessary items to customize their shop, and where authors can share their creations with the community.

Modules and themes templates can either be free or for-sale: the price is set by the author. Take the time to browse the available modules and themes, because expensive does not always mean better.

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