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  • First name and Last name. The name does not appear to customers, but is very helpful when you need to know who did what on your shop.
  • Password. Try your best to not make it obvious. You do not want an employee's account to be used by unknown people.
  • E-mail Connect to PrestaShop. You can tie your installation of PrestaShop to the central server in order to receive tips and tricks from the PrestaShop team.
  • Email address. If allowed to, the employee will receive customer's e-mails and PrestaShop's notifications on this address. It is also used as the account's login identifier.
  • Default page. You can decide which page the user sees right after logging - in. This could be the stats Stats page for SuperAdmins, and or the orders Orders page for salespersons.
  • Language. The default language, since your business might be done in English, but your logisticians might be from another country. Make sure to add the necessary languages, using the "Languages" page under the "Localization" menu.
  • Theme. The back-office of PrestaShop can use a different theme than the default one. You can choose which one to use here.
  • Admin menu orientation. Each employee can set his own way of displaying the menu: at the top of the screen, or on the left.
  • Status. You can temporarily and definitively disable an account. This enables you to create temporary accounts, for instance when you need help during the holidays or the shopping season.
  • Permission profile. It is very important that you assign a correct profile to each employee account. A profile is tied to a set of permissions and access rights, and you should get to know the existing ones, listed in the "Profiles" page under the "Administration" menu (see below for more information). The profile determines which part of your shop's back-office the employee has access to; for instance, when the employee logs in, only the pages/menus that have been configured as accessible to his or her profile will be displayed. This is a very important setting.

The profile avatar (the image that represents you in the back-office) is tied to the user's account on the PrestaShop forum,. Therefore, if you want to customize this image, you must first create an account on the forum:

Employees options

The section at the bottom of the "Employees" page, right below the employees list, has two options available: