Employees Accounts Configuration

The "Employees" administration page lists all the user accounts that have access to your shop's back office. By default you will find the account that was created during the store's installation, which is automatically set as SuperAdmin. The SuperAdmin has access to all of PrestaShop's features without restriction.

You should make sure to create a new employee account for every actual employee that has anything to do you with your online business. This means that you should never have a general use account that everyone can use, because you need to keep track of who did what on your shop. Indeed, employees can edit orders, accept payments and refund customers, and you need to know who did what. Having a personal administration account for each employee is a good way for you to ensure that your team manages your shop responsibly.

Adding a new employee

The "Add New" button takes you to the employee creation form.

It has a dozen settings:

The profile avatar (the image that represents you in the back office) is tied to the user's account on the PrestaShop forum. Therefore, if you want to customize this image, you must first create an account on the forum: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/

Employees options

The section at the bottom of the "Employees" page, right below the employees list, has two options available: