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The 1.6.x branch of PrestaShop is the next version legacy branch of PrestaShop, first released as a stable version in March 2014.
It is currently under development.has been superseded by the 1.7 branch with the release of version in November of 2016.

It will still receive maintenance releases until June 2019.
You can help by contributing here:

Documentation for PrestaShop 1.6.x

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Versions of PrestaShop 1.6

Here are the 1.6.x branch release dates:

Version number

Release date


PrestaShop 1.6 alpha 1 (v1.6.0.1)

November 20th, 2013

n/a (changelog)

PrestaShop 1.6 alpha 2 (v1.6.0.2)December 19th, 2013n/a (changelog)
PrestaShop 1.6 beta 1 (v1.6.0.3)February 3rd, 2014Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 1.6 RC (v1.6.0.4)March 6th, 2014n/a (changelog)
PrestaShop 1.6 stable (v1.6.0.5)March 17th, 2014Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 10th, 2014n/a (changelog)
PrestaShop 17th, 2014Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 20th, 2014n/a (changelog)
PrestaShop 31st, 2014Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 7th, 2015Blogpost (changlog)
PrestaShop 23rd, 2015Forum post (changelog)
PrestaShop 24th, 2015Forum post (changelog)
PrestaShop 6th, 2015Forum post (changelog)
PrestaShop 2nd, 2015Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 20th, 2015Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 29th, 2015Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 26th, 2015Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 7th, 2016Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 8th, 2016Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 15th, 2016Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 6th, 2016Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 26th, 2016Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 8th, 2016Blogpost (changelog)
PrestaShop 1st, 2016Blogpost
PrestaShop 16th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 23rd, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 25th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 5th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 28th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 1st, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 7th, 2017Blogpost
PrestaShop 5th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 28th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 27th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 3rd, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 10th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 7th, 2018Blogpost
PrestaShop 3rd, 2019Blogpost