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Other references

The PrestaShop community is thriving, and some of its members are happy to create their own documentation. While they are in no way official, we are happy to give them a link, as a thank you for their hard work.

If you created something PrestaShop-related, please let us know!

PrestaShop-dedicated blogs, websites and communities

Please note that the only official PrestaShop website is at

There are also many language-centric sections on the official forum.


On-line tutorials

Video tutorials

Third-party libraries / web service

  • Manage your PrestaShop website through Open ERP: Prestashop OpenERP Connector by Akretion & CampToCamp (GNU Affero GPLv3)
  • A Scala library to access the PrestaShop web service: prestasac by Alex Dean (GNU Affero GPLv3)
  • A Python library to access the PrestaShop web service: prestapyt by Guewen Baconnier (GNU Affero GPLv3)
  • Another Python library: pystashop by Openlabs Technologies & Consulting (BSD)
  • A C# client library for the PrestaShop API:  PrestaSharp by Bukimedia (GPL)
  • PrestaShop Import API: (OSL v3)


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