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Creating Price Rules

Vouchers play an important role in your daily relationships with your customers. Typically, customers like two things when shopping:

Both can be achieved with personalized discounts, and this is precisely where vouchers come into play – or more precisely, price rules, which is a new feature in PrestaShop 1.5.

"Price rules" can take two forms:

Cart Rules

The "Cart rules" page presents an advanced tool that succeeds and builds upon the voucher system from PrestaShop 1.4. Seasoned users of PrestaShop will not be surprised with the features that were added, but will only have to adapt to the new name: when this guide mentions vouchers, we're actually talking about cart rules – which, in themselves, are quite different to credit slips.

A credit slip is first and foremost a written proof that a product has been returned. Most of the time, the user can use it as a voucher.

A voucher is a discount code which does not have to be tied to a merchandise return or a refund, and which can take many more forms than a simple credit slip:

  • a discount on an order (percentage).
  • a discount on an order (amount).
  • free shipping.

You can apply a voucher to all customers, or a group of customers, or a single customer; you can set its expiration date;

A cart rule is basically an advanced version of a voucher: in addition to what a voucher could do in PrestaShop 1.4, the cart rules system introduced in PrestaShop 1.5 enables you to:

  • Name the discount.
  • Allow the customer to use only a portion of the discount.
  • Assign priorities between cart rules.
  • Set the compatibility between cart rules.
  • Have the discount only work with some carriers.
  • Have the discount only work with a selection of products and/or categories and/or manufacturers and/or suppliers and/or attributes... or all of these at the same time if necessary!
  • Have the discount be applicable for free shipping and/or a discount on an order and/or a free gift... or all of these at the same time if necessary!

The "Cart rules" page lists the currently existing cart rules, which can enable or disable by clicking on the icons in the "Status" column.

Creating A New Cart Rule

Vouchers can be created automatically after a product return, but you can create a new voucher at any time manually, and be very specific about its properties.

The creation form has three tabs, forming the

Once everything has been saved, you can send your voucher to your customers.

Your voucher will appear in the "Vouchers" tab, and you can delete or edit it at any time. If the voucher was set to a specific group or customer, then it will appear in the Front-Office, in the customer's "Vouchers" section of his account: well as in the cart (if you chose to), where they can choose which one to apply to their order:

Vouchers that are set to apply to all customers do not appear in these locations: the customer has to know about them in order to use them.

In order to apply the voucher, the customer needs to visit his cart and enter the voucher in the suitable field and click "Add". The customer won't be able to apply the voucher if he checks out immediately.

Once applied, the cart summary displays the voucher's impact on the order's amount: