Stock Movements

The table of stock movements provides you with a log of all the stock changes. Because it’s a history of previous stock movements, this table only has an informative role and therefore cannot be edited.

Movements overview


The structure looks similar to the stock table but here each line corresponds to a change in physical quantity for a product or combination. It contains the following columns:

By default, stock movements are sorted by descending date, so that the most recent stock movements are on the top.

Stock movement types

As of version, three movement types can be created when triggered by the following events:

In the last two cases, the movement type in the table becomes a hyperlink to the corresponding customer order, so you have more context about this type of movement and don’t have to cross-check timestamps between the stock movements and orders tables.

Search and filter options

Search bar

The search has exactly the same behavior as in the "Stock" tab.

Advanced filters

In the ‘Movements’ tab, advanced filters contain: