This page lists all the taxes already created in your shop. It allows you to also create new taxes if needed. For each tax, you will see its name, rate, and status. You can activate or deactivate it right from the tax list, or you can edit or delete a tax using the action button at the far right.

Tax options

At the bottom of the page is the "Tax options" section. These options apply to the whole shop and to all of the orders.

If you decide to enable the ecotax after having added products, you will have to edit them all in order to set the tax properly for each product. Note that if you have set ecotaxes for your products already, and that you choose to disable ecotax, then all your products will lose their ecotax settings. Re-enabling the ecotax will mean having to set all your products' ecotaxes again. The ecotax will also appear to the customer, on the product's page.

Adding a new tax

Adding a new tax is very easy because tax rules take out all the burden of having to specify the countries where the tax applies. The tax creation form is therefore very short: