Each time an order from your shop is validated, an invoice is sent out to the customer. This page allows you to configure your invoices and makes it possible to download a selection of invoices.

Generate invoice in PDF files

You can download the invoices for a single order from the order's page. The "Invoices" page enables you to download a selection of invoices from past orders in PDF format, all at the same time (in the same PDF file).

You can get a PDF file containing several invoices depending on two main criteria:

In both cases, the invoices are generated into a single PDF file, each with their own pages. You cannot get a single PDF file for each invoice of the given period or statuses using this page.

If you want to customize the look of your store's invoices, you must change its template files.

PDF template files are located in the /pdf folder. Open the invoice.tpl file and edit it to your likings: it is an HTML file with Smarty tags.

When your customers ask for their invoices, you can redirect them to the "Order History" section of their user accounts, which keeps all of their invoices available for them.

Invoice Options

You can choose whether or not invoices should be available to your customers as soon as the order is made, as well as the Invoice prefix and the invoice number you want listed on the printed version of the invoice. This feature can help you simplify the management of your account.

Do not forget to save your changes.