Creating a new shop

The shop creation tool, located in the "Multistore" page, enables you to simply and precisely define both the front-office appearance of your shop (namely, its theme) and the elements you wish to import from your main shop into this new one.

Clicking the "Add new shop" button opens brings a form with two sections. The first one has 5 options:

The second section, "Import data from another shop", is where you define which data of the main shop you want to use as the data of this new shop.

It has two options:

When you create a product in a new shop and that product already exists in another shop, PrestaShop will try its best to suggest the existing product, so that you will not have to recreate everything.

When saving the shop, PrestaShop warns you that it does not yet have a URL. Click on the red warning to add one (see below).