Customer Groups

PrestaShop enables you to give your customers certain privileges, by assigning them to Groups. You can create as many customer groups as needed, and assign a user to as many groups as you like.

This is all done from the "Groups" page, under the "Customers" menu.

By default, three special groups are available:

To create more groups, click the "Add New" button: you will get a creation form.

Once these settings are in place, you can save the group as-is, or add per-category and/or per-module settings. In that second case, after the group has been saved, open it again: the form will load with two more options:

You can add a customer to a group of your choice by editing a customer's details: from the list of customers (in the "Customers" page under the "Customers" menu), click on the Edit icon on the customer's line. Then, on the "Groups" table, select the group(s) to which you want your customer to belong.