Analytics and Stats

Most of these create a new section in the "Stats" page of your PrestaShop installation. Many are installed by default. Therefore, if some of PrestaShop's statistics are not useful to you, you can disable them here. Note that stats are also resource-consuming tools; therefore, if your server is slow or has little disk space, you should limit your stats options to the bare essentials.

Many of these modules are described in detail in the "Understanding Statistics" of this user-guide. In this section, we will only describe the ones that are not enabled by default (that is, two modules among the 25 in this section).

Best manufacturers

This module adds a "Best Manufacturers" option to the list of available statistics.

In effect, the module enables you to have a better view of which manufacturer's product are the best-selling on your shop. In return, you might want to more frequently restock with the products from the best manufacturers.

Google Analytics (ganalytics)

This module makes it easy for you to install a Google Analytics script on your shop. You will then be able to enjoy the statistics tools offered by Google.

You must have a Google Analytics account to make this module work. You can create one on
Once you have one, follow the Analytics instructions to create a profile for your shop. You will receive a unique identifier. Use it in the module's "username" field and save it. Google Analytics will start gathering statistics about your visitors.

Do read all the instructions provided by the module.


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