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  • Chapter 3 - First steps - Access the Web service and list client
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First steps - Access the Web service and list client


  1. Configure your PHP installation so that it has the CURL extension installed and activated:
    • With Windows: Place this line in your php.ini file
    • Linux/Mac: install the CURL extension
      sudo apt-get install php5-curl
      Copy the file provided by PSWebServiceLibrary.php to the root of your Web server. We will explain how to use this library in this tutorial.

      You can do this tutorial on a local drive even while your store is on the internet.

  2. Create a file list_the_clients.php at the root of the web server that you have chosen.
  3. Specify where to find the web server in your file:
    require_once( './ PSWebServiceLibrary.php' );

Configured this way, your file should be found in the same folder as PSWebServiceLibrary.php.

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