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  • Chapter 2 - Discovery - Testing access to the web service with the browser
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Discovery - Testing access to the web service with the browser

To test if you have properly configured your access to the web service, go to the page http://[email protected]/api/, where "mypasskey" is replaced by your key. Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser to test access.

Another method is to go directly to the following page:
The site should prompt you for a username and a password to enter. The ID is the authentication key and there is no password.

You will access the list of resources that you configured in your Back Office with all permissions granted.

Using "XLink", you'll be able to access your various resources.

What is "*XLink*" ?

XLink associates an XML file to another XML file via a link.

In the Customers tag, you should get these attributes:

<customers xlink:href="" get="true" put="true" post="true" delete="true" head="true">

The get, put, post, and delete attributes have the value "true," meaning that you have correctly configured the "customers" resource and that it is accessible.

You can now use the "XLink" that shows up on the URL "" and go to it.

Once the client list is displayed via "" you can access the XLink corresponding to each customer.


The XML file found on whose link is found in the list of clients (see previous link) will give you the properties of customers that have '1' as their ID.

You can also browse the web service to access all resources in XML.

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