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  • Chapter 1 - Creating Access to Back Office
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Creating Access to Back Office

First we are going to create an access to the web service.

To do this, simply go into your Back Office and click on the "Tools / Web Service" tab.

Select "Enable Web Service" and click Save to activate the service.

Generating a .htaccess file

To get the web service to work, you need to generate / regenerate a .htaccess file.

While still in the Back Office, go to the Tools / Generators tab and click:

Creating access

Return to Tools / Web Service

  • Click "Add New", and you'll access the "passkey" permission and definition page.
  • Click on "Generate". This will generate an authentication key.

Thanks to this key, you will be able to access the web service.

Then you can create rights for each resource you want to access.

In the list of permissions, the left button allows you to define all the rights for a given resource. Select the resources you need to manipulate from your application; in our case check the first check box in the "customers" row and then press "Save".

Please use the "Generate" button so that the key cannot be guessed.

If you define your own passkey, make sure it is very secure and that these rights are limited.

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