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Manage your email theme

Emails hold an important place in e-commerce: an efficient communication, relevant information, all that help to keep in touch with your customers. Following this idea, a new page appeared in 1.7.6 to allow better management of your email themes. Your "Design" menu now has a new entry with the "Email Theme" page! You are now able to handle all themes at the same place.

New in 1.7.6! Before emails were retrieved from your server, they are now generated from this new page, or automatically when installing your store and/or a localization pack.


This page is divided into three parts. The first parameters to indicate is the email theme you want to have by default. Natively, there are two templates available: "Classic" and "Modern" (available since version 1.7.6 only). It means that depending on the template you select, your next emails will look different.

Generate emails

In order to benefit from email translation, make sure you have added the language you target before. In case you have not, go to the "International" section to do so.

Email themes

Here, you can find all existing email themes. By default, you already have the two native themes "Classic" and "Modern". Click on the icon to access the full emails list each theme contains. Once on the page, several actions can be performed:

  • HTTP. Allows you to preview your email as it will be sent, in the selected layout.
  • Raw HTML. Allows you to preview the HTML code of the email as it will be sent.
  • Text. Allows you to access its text format.
  • Send a test email. Useful to check if the layout is the one you want.

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