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PrestaShop Support

PrestaShop has since its beginnings prided itself on being an easy-to-use e-commerce solution, enabling anyone to quickly start an online activity with the best tools ready at hand. This documentation should help you get the most out of PrestaShop, but there are more resources which you can peruse of find additional help.

Official website

The official online home of PrestaShop is at:

This is the central place where all information about PrestaShop can be found.

In-line help

All the tabs in the administration interface of PrestaShop have a "Help" link, which takes you to the online version of the core documentation. Clicking the "Help" link will open a pop-up window containing documentation for the current page.

If the documentation has been recently updated, then the button will display a little star.

PrestaShop documentation

The user guide that this chapter is a part of is not the only documentation available to users and professionals. We created other guides that should help you in your path towards completing your PrestaShop knowledge:

  1. Getting Started: downloading and installing PrestaShop.
  2. Updating PrestaShop: getting your PrestaShop installation up to date.
  3. System Administrator Guide: how to best configure your server.
  4. Developer Guide: discover how to create PrestaShop modules.
  5. Designer Guide: learn how to create your own theme.
  6. Seller Guide: tips and tricks on taking your first step in e-commerce.
  7. Troubleshooting: answers to some of the most frequent issues.
  8. Developer tutorials: articles on specific subjects.
  9. FAQ: Frequently asked question – with answers!

Community support

PrestaShop has a strong and enthusiastic community of users, and they all gather on the community forums in order to exchange tips, tricks, best practices, and ask/answer questions. Diving into the forums is a great way to feel the power of the PrestaShop community.

The community forums can be accessed at:

Reading discussion threads is open to all, although you will need to register in order to ask questions or gives answers.

Be mindful of the language in which you post: there are a variety of forums/communities for many languages.

Paid support

PrestaShop provides paid support, ranging from one-time questions tickets to complete annual support contracts.

You can find about all our support packs here:


Sometimes, finding help simply means finding the right module for a given purpose, or the right theme for your shop. This is why we have set up the Addons website, where PrestaShop users can find hundreds of modules and themes, and buy them for a reasonable price – or even for free sometimes.

The PrestaShop Addons website can be found at:


If you do not have the time to train yourself along many projects in order to hone your PrestaShop chops, you can register for one of our training sessions:

  • PHP Developer Training. Master the core and modules of PrestaShop.
  • Web Developer Training. Create and customize PrestaShop templates.
  • Back-Office Training. Use the back end of PrestaShop like an expert.
  • Pre-sale Training. Learn how to sell PrestaShop to your clients.

These are basic training sessions, but there are also expert training sessions available, where you can reach a whole new level of PrestaShop mastery.

Ask for information here:

PrestaShop blog

All the latest news, along with tips for shop owners and the forthcoming PrestaShop events: you will find this all on the PrestaShop blog.

You can reach the PrestaShop blog here:

Found a bug?

PrestaShop is an open-source project: you can use the software for free, you can read its source code, and if you ever encounter a bug, you can help us make it better by creating a ticket on the PrestaShop Forge, where it will be handled directly by the PrestaShop development team!

You can find the PrestaShop forge here:

You'll need to register before you can post anything.


PrestaShop oversees a number of other web properties where you can learn more about the PrestaShop ecosystem.

  • PrestaBox. Let us host your shop!
  • Events. Learn about PrestaShop events: barcamps, conferences, meetups, trade shows, etc.
  • Mobile. Everything there is to know about the PrestaShop mobile app!
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