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About the config.xml file

The config.xml file makes it possible to optimize the loading of the module list in the back office.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
            <displayName><![CDATA[My module]]></displayName>
            <description><![CDATA[Description of my module.]]></description>
            <author><![CDATA[Firstname Lastname]]></author>
 			<confirmUninstall>Are you sure you want to uninstall?</confirmUninstall>

A few details:

  • is_configurable indicates whether the module has a configuration page or not.
  • need_instance indicates whether an instance of the module must be created when it is displayed in the module list. This can be useful if the module has to perform checks on the PrestaShop configuration, and display warning message accordingly.
  • limited_countries is used to indicate the countries to which the module is limited. For instance, if the module must be limited to France and Spain, use <limited_countries>fr,es</limited_countries>.
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