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  • Chapter 10 - Price management
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Chapter 10 - Price management


It is possible to retrieve the customer prices for a given product, simply by passing parameters to a web service query.

These custom prices are available for the following entities:

  • products
  • combinations

Custom prices have an alias that you must indicate.


Let's say we want to retrieve the price for combination '25' of the product '1', with tax, in a web service field name "my_price".

The query: /api/products/1?price[my_price][use_tax]=1&price[my_price][product_attribute]=25

Before PrestaShop, this query retrieved the price without tax. The behavior has been changed to make it more on par with needs.


Here is the list of available parameters when needing to define a custom price:

  • country
  • state
  • currency
  • group
  • quantity
  • decimals
  • product_attribute
  • use_tax
  • use_reduction
  • use_ecotax
  • only_reduction
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