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  • Chapter 7 - Data removal - Removing customer accounts from the database
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Chapter 7 - Data removal: Removing customer accounts from the database

Objective: A Web application for listing and deleting customers.
Difficulty: *


Duplicate file list_the_customers.php from Chapter 3, rename it to D-CRUD.php and put it at the root of your Web server.

For this last part of our tutorial, we will learn how to delete a resource.

Here is the complete, detailed code you need in order to remove a customer:

try {
    // Create an instance
    $webService = new PrestaShopWebservice('' , 'ZR92FNY5UFRERNI3O9Z5QDHWKTP3YIIT' , false); 
	$opt['resource'] = 'customers';            // Resource to use
	opt['id'] = 3;                             // ID to use
	$webService->delete($opt);                 // Delete
    // If we can see this message, that means we have not left the try block
	echo 'Customer '.opt['id'].' successfully deleted!'; 
catch (PrestaShopWebserviceException $ex) {
	$trace = $ex->getTrace();                // Retrieve all info on this error
	$errorCode = $trace[0]['args'][0];       // Retrieve error code 
	if ($errorCode == 401) 
		echo 'Bad auth key';   
		echo 'Other error: <br />'.$ex->getMessage(); 
	// Display error message{color}

This code enables you to remove a customer whose ID is "3". As you can see, deleting the customer differs only slightly from retrieving a resource. In fact the only thing different in the code lies in the method called: We will no longer call this method get() but instead simply delete()!

You must now replace the customer ID by a dynamically-defined ID.

Now create all the script that will display a list of customer IDs and delete a customer of your choice.

Again, if you have trouble, look at the code from the 4-delete.php sample file.

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