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  • Chapter 10 - Price management
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Price management


It is possible to retrieve the customer prices for a given product, simply by passing parameters to a web service query.

These custom prices are available for the following entities:

  • products
  • combinations

Custom prices have an alias that you must indicate.


Let's say we want to retrieve the price for combination '25' of the product '1', without tax, in a web service field name "my_price".

The query: /api/products/1?price[my_price][use_tax]=0&price[mon_prix][product_attribute]=25


Here is the list of available parameters when needing to define a custom price:

  • country
  • state
  • currency
  • group
  • quantity
  • decimals
  • product_attribute
  • use_tax
  • use_reduction
  • use_ecotax
  • only_reduction
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