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  • Creating Price Rules and Vouchers

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The check-boxes at the bottom of the section are very important, as they help you further filter to what or to whom the rule is to be applied.

  • Carrier selection. You can make it so that the customer will have a discount if he or she chooses a specific carrier for the package delivery.
  • Customer group selection. This is very useful. Thanks to PrestaShop's group creation tool, you can create discount that apply to a range of users, and build other conditions on top of that discount thanks to the cart rule creation tool.
    You can go even further: with the help of modules such as the "Customer Segmentation" module, you have a set of very powerful tools to create cart rule, and make more clients happy. Download the "Customer Segmentation" module here:
  • Compatibility with other cart rules. Only appears if you have more than one cart rule.
  • Product selection.