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  • Creating Price Rules and Vouchers

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  • Informations. Contains the rule's identifiers and main settings.
    • Name. The name is public, so you should keep it casual.
    • Description. The description is not public. It helps your shop employees understand why the rule was created.
    • Code. Give your rule a unique code. You can either create one manually (and therefore use readable words, like 1VOUCH4JOE), or have PrestaShop generate one unique string by clicking the "Click to generate random code" button. Of course, you can also use any other string generator (such as
      Note that if no code is set, the rule will apply to any customer fitting the other conditions:
      • If there's a code, then customer have to enter it during the ordering process.
      • If there's no code, then the rule is automatically applied to benefiting customers.
    • Partial use.
    • Priority.
    • Status.
  • Conditions.
    • Limit to a single customer.
    • Validity.
    • Minimum amount.
    • Total available.
    • Total available for each user.
    • The four check-boxes at the bottom of the tab are very important, as further filter to what or who the rule is to be applied.
      • Carrier selection.
      • Customer group selection.
      • Compatibility with other cart rules. Only appears if you have more than one cart rule.
      • Product selection.
  • Actions. This is where you choose what the discount actually consists of.
    • Free shipping. The rule treats benefiting customers to free shipping.
    • Apply a discount.
      • Percent (%). The rule applies to a percentage of the order total. For instance, let's say the order is valued at $200 before taxes. The rule has a value of 15%. Customer who benefit from this rule will only have to pay $170 (before taxes and shipping costs).
      • Amount. The rule applies a monetary discount on the order total. For instance, let's say the order is valued at $200 before taxes. The discount offers $20 off the purchase. Customer who benefit from this rule will only pay $80 before (before shipping costs). You can choose whether taxes are applied to the discount or not.
      • None. The rule doesn't offer any discount on the order. Choosing this option makes the next section, "Apply discount to", disappear.
    • Apply discount to.
      • Order (without shipping).
      • Specific product.
      • Cheapest product.
      • Selected product(s).
    • Send a free gift.