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  • Re-stock products. When checked, PrestaShop will consider that the returned product as available for sale again, and will therefore increase the stock for this product.
  • Generate a credit slip. When checked, you will create a credit slip will be created for the selected items. A credit slip is an acknowledgment from your shop that merchandise has been returned and that a refund has been issued. The customer can then use it as a discount for his or her next purchase.
  • Generate a voucher. When checkchecked, you will create a credit slip a voucher will be created for the amount of the selected items. A voucher takes the form of a discount code that the use customer can enter during the checkout process. You can edit the customer's voucher by viewing the customer's page: from the current order's page, click on the link under the customer's name in the "Customer information" section; once in the customer's page, reach the "Vouchers" section. You can edit each voucher by clicking on the "Edit" icon.

Vouchers have a new name in PrestaShopIn PrestaShop 1.5, vouchers are part of a new kind of discount feature: "cart rules". They can be created and edited from the "Cart Rules" page, under the "Price rules" tab. The cart rules creation process in the next chapter, "Price rules".

titleDifference between a credit slip, a voucher and a cart rule

A credit slip


is first and foremost a written proof that a product has been returned, and that the user can use it as a voucher.

A voucher is a discount code which doesn't not have to be tied to a merchandise return or a refund, and which can take many more forms than a simple credit slip:

  • a discount on an order (percentage).
  • a discount on an order (amount).
  • free shipping.
    You can apply a voucher to all customers, and group of customers, or a single customer; you can set its expiration date;

A cart rule is basically an advanced version of a voucher: in addition to what a voucher could do in PrestaShop 1.4, the cart rules system introduced in PrestaShop 1.5 enables you to:

  • Name the discount
  • Allow the customer to use only a portion of the discount
  • Assign priorities between cart rules
  • Set the compatibility between cart rules
  • Have the discount only work with some carriers
  • Have the discount only work with a selection of products and/or categories and/or manufacturers and/or suppliers and/or attributes... or all of these at the same time if necessary!
  • Have the discount be applicable for free shipping and/or a discount on an order and/or a free gift... or all of these at the same time if necessary!

Partial refund is to be used when you need to refund only part of the order and not the whole order, either because the customer return of returned the ordered product, or simply as a sign of goodwill for a damaged product that the customer chose to keep anyway.