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The action buttons in the top bar change depending on the order's status. For instance, once the order is in the "Delivered" state, the "Add a product" and "Remove products" turn into two new buttons: "Return products" and "Partial refunds".refund".

Return products is to be used when the customer returns products: once the returned product has been received, you can mark it as returned directly in the order form. Click the "Return products" and a new column will appear, title "Return". Check the box the the involved products, set the number of items that were return, and click the "Return products" at the bottom of the table.
Three options are available when set a product as returned, below the table:

  • Re-stock products. When checked, PrestaShop will consider that the returned product as available for sale again, and will therefore increase the stock for this product.
  • Generate a credit slip.
  • Generate a voucher.
    Note that this will only work if you have enabled merchandise return for your shop! To enable merchandise return, go to the "Merchandise Returns" page under the "Orders" tab, and in the "Merchandise return (RMA) options" section, choose "Yes" for the "Enable returns" option, and save. This will apply to all products and all orders.

Partial refund is to be used when you need to refund only part of the order and not the whole order, either because the customer return of the ordered product, or simply as a sign of goodwill for a damaged product that the customer chose to keep anyway.


You can get many PDF documents from an order.