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  • click on a supplier's name or logo, and get all the product associated with it. If there are none, then you should work on a per-product basis, from the "Products" page under the "Catalog" tab, using each product's "Associations" tab on the left.
    The same result is achieved by clicking the view icon on the right.
  • disable the supplier, by clicking on the green check icon. Once disabled, a red cross icon appears in its place: click to re-enable the supplier.
  • edit/delete the supplier by clicking on the respective buttons on the right of the row.

Image Mapping

Image Mapping assigns mapping is the fact of assigning multiple clickable zones to an image so that different product pages can be opened by clicking on one single image. This feature makes your site very attractive by easing your customers' navigation. Let's take a look at how to configure this feature.

Create an image map


Clicking on the "Image Mapping" tab and takes you will arrive at to a new page.

This page shows a list of pre-configured image maps.

Create an Image Map

To create a new one, click on the "Add New" button. You will arrive at the creation screen.