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  • Color. If the value is a color, you can enter its value in HTML color code (i.e. "#79ff52" or "lightblue"), or use the color picker to precisely show the correct hue.
  • Texture. If your product does not use a solid color but rather a textured one (i.e. tiger stripes), you can upload a small image file that will be displayed on the product's page. Note that this will replace the HTML color from the field above. Click on the "Save" button is order to start the upload.
  • Current texture. Once you have uploaded a texture file, it is displayed in this section as a reminderpreminder.

You can add more values for the same attribute type by saving your changes with the "Save then add another value" button.

To add a choice to the group of attributes that you just created, you must create a specific variation.
Select the attribute group then click on "Add attribute" and fill out the form that appears.