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The default installation features a handful of products – mainly Apple products, along with a couple third-party accessories. Their only use is to help you explore the set up of a functional store. After you've learned the intricacies of the ties between products, categories, orders and customers, you should delete all these items in order to start your shop with a clean slate.

You must therefore delete all the default date, which means:

  • products and their...
    • categories
    • attributes
    • features
    • manufacturers
    • suppliers
    • image mappings
    • tags
  • orders
    • order messages
  • customers
    • customers shopping carts
  • carriers
    • price ranges
    • weight ranges
  • contact & stores

The means browsing through the many various screens of the back-office and deleting content one page after the other.

titleDeleting the iPod Touch

The iPod Touch from the default installation is tied up in the sample order (made by sample customer John Doe), and thus cannot be deleted until the order is.

To delete it, you first need to delete this sample order.

Reinstalling rather than deleting
Reinstalling rather than deleting

While deleting all this data takes only a handful of minutes, you might prefer to not have to do it at all. In this case, you can install your shop again and chose not to install the sample data during the installation process: simply relaunch the installer, and in the "Shop Configuration" screen, choose "No" for the "Install demo products" option. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T CUSTOMIZED ANYTHING YET.

Note that you will also lose some useful content, such as default contacts and administration profiles, which you will have to recreate by yourself.

Configure your shop's information

Now that you have a clean shop, you can start making it your own, and that implies setting everything up to your likings, starting with your personal information and your preferences.

Shop basic settings

You should pay attention to the following essential information.



Menu / option

Shop name

Defines your shop.

"Shops" menu, "Shops" option, then click the shop name.

Customer service info

Displayed in the front-office, right column.

"Modules" menu, type "Block contact" in the module search field, then configure it.

Contact info

Displayed in the front-office, footer.

"Modules" menu, type "Block contact infos" in the module search field, then configure it.

Personal information


Create a category

Create a product


Carrier configuration

Managing orders


Theme choice

Modules choice

Activate your sho