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  • Complying with the GDPR

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Given the extent of these concepts and the fact that you are running an e-commerce business, it is highly likely that you process personal data. Also, GDPR affects not only every European company but also companies located outside of Europe which collects European citizens’ personal data. Needless to say that no merchant can avoid it and store compliance upgrade is not an option.

Main requirements

Our GDPR module is available on our marketplace Addons and is here to protect your customers’ data. In short, they should be able to access their personal data, they have the right to data portability, obtain rectification and/or erasure of their personal data, and mostly give or withdraw their consent. For merchants, the law demands to keep a record of processing activities such as access, consent, and erasure.


Article 83 of the GDPR provides sanctions up to €20 million or, for a company, up to 4% of its total global annual turnover for the previous financial year.

Configure the GDPR module

Get Started

This tab will help you become familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our module. Here, you will find general information about this EU regulation (our whitepaper, video, article, etc.) and the user guide for our module to download in PDF format to help you get set up.


You can also process all of your users' data erasure requests that are done through your contact form - and they will validate itand with your validation. Before accepting the data deletion request and deleting a user permanently from your database, we recommend you to download all of the invoices linked to his/her account.


Once the data erased, the user does not exist anymore (account and address are deleted from your database) but its invoices remain available with the order. Only his personal data are suppressed. The user becomes anonymous and its  His abandoned carts are accessible via this guest transferred to an anonymous account while his orders are no longer associated with any customer account.

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