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titleWhat is a built-in module?

Built-in (or native) modules are available within your shop from its set-up. Some are already pre-installed to help your shop running (you will find them in the "Installed modules" tab), while other are available in the "Selection" tab. You can choose to install it or not, depending on your needs. They cover the basics of e-commerce and come for free.

Displaying results

There are two options to choose from to display the list of modules.


PrestaShop Addons is the central marketplace where you can get new modules and themes for your store. Addons users are first-class citizens when it comes to managing modules! Indeed, once your installation of PrestaShop is tied to your Addons account, the modules you get on Addons will automatically be imported installed and imported and updated! This is why it is highly recommended that you should link your store to your PrestaShop Addons account.