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This tool enables you to perform SQL queries directly on the PrestaShop database, and save them for use at any later time. Indeed, PrestaShop presents its database data in many ways, but you might need something more, or more simply, something rawer than PrestaShop's clean interface. Using the SQL manager you can perform complex queries which build upon tables of data in the way YOU need them.
For instance, using this tool and your knowledge of SQL, you could create a reusable query giving you an updated list of the clients who are subscribed to your newsletter, or get a list of products in HTML or CSV format.



For security reasons, some types of queries are not allowed: UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE TABLE, DROP, etc. In short, you can only read data (SELECT query).

Also, secure keys or passwords are hidden (***********).

Creating a new query

As usual, the "Add new SQl query" button leads to the creation form. It has two main fields: