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You can edit the account of each of your customers, even disable them, by clicking on the green tick
or red cross, respectively, in the table shown. You can enable or disable an account, subscribe or
unsubscribe them to an email list, or subscribe or unsubscribe a customer from the email list of a
partner group.

To create a user account manually select “Add New” formula appears requesting the following
information about the customer:


Fill out the customer’s information and choose a password, at least 5 characters long. Type in the email address and choose the date of birth. Choose whether or not this customer has the right to log in, whether he is subscribed to your newsletter or not, and finally, if he accepts to receive advertisements from your partners. Assign your customer to a group so that he may receive some benefits. We will learn soon more about groups on the next page.

Consulting a Customer’s Information


Below the addresses table is a button, titled "Set required fields for this section". This gives you access to a form where you can indicate if a database field is necessary or not, by tick the appropriate box, and click "Save" once you're done.


PrestaShop offers the option of giving gives you the ability to offer your customers certain privileges, by assigning them to Groups. You can create as many customer groups as you like.


  • In the "Name" field, indicate the name that you would like to give this group.
  • In the "Discount" reduction, indicate the discount to apply to members of this group, for
    all of your products.
  • PrestaShop is frequently used in the Business to Business (B2B) sector. Therefore, you can
    create a group of customers who can buy products without paying the tax. The “Price Display
    Method” drop-down menu gives you a choice between “tax included” and “tax excluded”.
  • Validate your settings by clicking “Save”.