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When choosing your host, remember one crucial requirement: it must provide you with support for PHP 5.2 (or more recent), the programming language with which PrestaShop is written, and MySQL 5 (or more recent), the database system where PrestaShop stores all its data. There are more requirements: see the "Technical requirements" section below.

titlePrestaBoxPrestaShop Cloud

PrestaShop Inc. can host your online business on its in-house own web servers: our PrestaBox PrestaShop Cloud service was built in order to free merchants from any technical hassle, such as installing or updating PrestaShop.

Please consult our PrestaBox website for details on our low-priced, secure website hosting service. This The service is completely free, for ever and for any kind of store. It is highly recommended for businesses with little to no experience with the Internet or computers.

You can reach PrestaBox at this address: create you PrestaShop Cloud account directly on!

Technical requirements


PrestaShop is an application which runs on a web server, and is written using the PHP programming language. It stores its data in a MySQL server.

PHP is an open-source programming language, mainly used for web applications. Created in 1995, it has since become the most used programming language by web developers. It uses a C-like syntax, making it easy for developers to learn it.

MySQL is an open-source database management system. Also created in 1995, it has since become the most used database system by web developers. It is based on the SQL language, the most widely used database language.