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This will enable anyone to translate the theme into his own language, using the internal translation tool, which you can find in the PrestaShop back-office, under the "Tools" tab and its "Translation" sub-tab. In the "Modify translations" section, use the drop-down menu, choose "Back Office translation", then click on the flag of the language you wish to translate strings into. All the back-office strings will then be displayed, and the strings for your theme are those whose sections are not prefixed with "Admin*".

h3 Transmitting data to a PrestaShop theme

The following graphic explains how data is transmitted from PrestaShop's core to its theme. Using the l() method enables the theme to display its text in the chosen language, if it has been translated beforehand.

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Best practices

Here is a non-exhaustive list of best practices that you should follow when creating a theme: