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There is currently not automatic way to create an account on the documentation site, it has to be done manually. Therefore, you must contact the documentation team first:

  • send Send us an e-mail
  • indicate which page(s) Indicate which guides you intend to work on.
  • indicate Indicate your chosen language
  • tell Tell us about yourself! We'd love to learn more about your relationship with PrestaShop.


Our priority is to fully document the current stable version of PrestaShop. That means v1.6.
Version 1.5 of PrestaShop is still very much used, so its documentation is still a current project.

The highest priority currently lies with the Developer Guide and the Designer guide


Along with these big priorities are smaller priorities. These projects should be carefully dealt with, as they are popular documentation pages, and users rely on it more often than not.

  • the The Getting Started guide, where people will come first when discovering PrestaShop.
  • the The Updating PrestaShop guide, which will help users who cannot yet use the One-Click Update tool (only available since v1.4.4).
  • and And of course, the User Guide, which explains each of the PrestaShop menus and features in detail. That's the biggest work, but one of the most useful there is, so it is in much need to stay up-to-date.