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  • Bootstrap, Sass and Compass in PrestaShop 1.6

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Sass (and Compass in the first place, see below) require the installation of the Ruby language on your machine.

Here are some installers:

  • Windows: Download and launch it.
  • Mac OS X: Install Homebrew (, then type "brew install ruby".
  • Linux systems: In the command line, type "sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1".

Once Ruby is installed on your machine, install Compass – which will in turn install Sass. Go to your Ruby command line and type "gem install compass".

Starting a project project

You are now ready to create your first project:

  1. Go to the /themes folder of your local installation of PrestaShop.
  2. Open a Ruby command line window for this folder, and type "compass create".
    Compass will automatically detect or create the config.rb configuration file that is necessary for the compilation of your project.

To make sure that .scss files are automatically compiled, you can type this Ruby command: "compass watch".

Not a command line fan?

If you would rather not spend your time in the command line, Scout is the cross-platform application for you: it is a self-contained Ruby environment that gives you easy access to Compass and Sass.

Download it here:

After you have installed it, you must:

  1. Create your project at the root of your theme's folder.
  2. Indicate the folder of your .scss files (Input folder).
  3. Indicate the folder for your CSS files (Output folder).