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  • The /cache folder contains all the temporary files that are generated and reused in order to lighten the server load. The folder is empty by default.
  • The /css folder contains all CSS files.
    • The /sass folder contains all the Sass .scss source files, before they are compiled into the CSS files.
  • The /font folder contains the needed font files.
  • The /img folder contains all images.
  • The /js folder contains all the JavaScript files.
  • The /lang folder contains the theme's translations. Its access rights should be set at CHMOD 666 (for instance), so that the back-office back office translation tool can read and write into it.


The preview.jpg file at the root of the theme's folder is the thumbnail that is used by PrestaShop in its back-office back office theme selector.

It serves as a visual reminder of what the theme is, and you should therefore make it a screenshot rather than your company's logo.


Sass and Compass files are optional: you do not need to use these tools to build the CSS files for your back - office theme.

If you do use Sass and Compass, we strongly advise to put the source .scss files in the /sass theme, so that other developers can have access to theme and rework them more easily.


PrestaShop has a mobile theme option in its back - office: in the Preferences / Themes page, the "Mobile" tab in the "Your current theme" section gives you the following choices: disable the option, or enable it for smartphones, tablets or both.


  • A single file for many different icons.
  • Many possible variations: size, color, shades, rotation, etc.
  • Display equally great on all screen sizes and resolutions: PC, TV screen, Retina, etc.


As an aside, you need a solid IDE (and a good knowledge of it) in order to quickly locate the needed file with a grep-like tool.

You also need to get acquainted with pre-compilation tools, to make your life easier.