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In PrestaShop, a supplier is the company which provides you with a product.

If Even if you sell your own products, you must at least create your company as a supplier. You can then remove the suppliers block from the site's left column:

  1. Go to the "Positions" page in the "Modules" menu.
  2. Find the "Left column blocks" section.
  3. Find the "Suppliers block" in that section, and click its trashcan icon.

You should also remove the suppliers block if you do not want your customer seeing who your suppliers are.

Just as for manufacturers, your site's visitors can have rapid access to all of supplier's products. This makes navigating around your site easier for them. In terms of visibility, filling out these fields will improve your position in search engines.

Click on "Add new supplier", and a creation form appears.


  • Click on a supplier's name or logo, and get all the products associated with it. If there are none, then you should work on a per-product basis, from the "Products" page under the "Catalog" menu, using each product's "Associations" tab on the left.
    The same result is achieved by clicking the view icon on the right.
  • Disable the supplier, by clicking on the green "Yes"check-mark. Once disabled, a red "No" X mark appears in its place: click to re-enable the supplier.
  • Edit/delete the supplier by clicking on the respective buttons on the right of the row.