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  • How to use the Forge to contribute to PrestaShop

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  1. Project: Choose the Forge project depending on the context of your report:
    1. "PrestaShop 1.7": when your report is tied to version 1.7.
    2. "PrestaShop 1.6":when your report is tied to version 1.6.
    3. "Partners & Native Modules": when your issue is tied to a default module.
  2. Issue type: Choose "Bug" or "Improvement" depending on what you your issue is about.
  3. Affects version: Always indicate the exact version where your issue happens.
    • If possible, check on the latest version to make sure that the issue is not already solved.
  4. Summary: Give a short description of the issue.
  5. Description: Give a complete and precise description of the bug and the best way to reproduce it.
  6. How to reproduce the issue: Being able to reproduce every time is the best way to get your issue fixed. Please give details!
  7. Attachment: If necessary, add image files or sample code.
  8. Click the "Create" button when you are done.