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  • Installing PrestaShop using the command-line script

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All the options from the regular in-browser installer are available, with their default value listed. Almost all default values value can be left as is, because you can edit them all from the PrestaShop back - office once the installation is done. Note that the e-mail and password are the ones used to create the administrator's back - office account...

To start the installation, you only need to provide one argument. In reality, you need to provide more:


Code Block
$ php installindex_cli.php --db_name=prestashop --db_user=root --db_password=123456789


If you also set the --email value to your own address, a recap e-mail will be sent to you once the installation is done.

List of arguments

Here is the list of arguments for index_cli.php as of version 1.6:

NameDefault settingDescription
--languageenlanguage iso code
--db_clear1 (true)Drop existing tables
--db_create0 (false)Create the database if it does not exist yet
--namePrestaShopName of the shop
--email[email protected] 
--license0 (false)Show PrestaShop's license
--newsletter1 (true)Subscribe administrator to PrestaShop's newsletter
--send_email1 (true)Send an email to the administrator after installation