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  • Name of the theme. Make sure the name is not already used by another theme (check on the Addons website).
  • Preview image for the theme. You should always add a preview image, as it is a clear reminder of what the theme looks like. If you do not have one yet, leave that for later, when the time will come to release the theme.
  • Default left column and Default right column. Indicate if your theme has a column (or even two columns), and if so, on which side of the screen. This is purely informational, and can be changed at any time.
  • Number of products per page. Indicate the default number of products that should be shown on a page. This option can be adjusted later on.
  • Name of the theme's directory. Try to keep it close to your theme's name. If you have not already created a theme folder, PrestaShop will create one for you.
  • Copy missing files from existing theme. This is the cleanest method to start a new theme from another theme's files. Choose "default-bootstrap", or any other theme that you would like to base your foundation on.
  • Responsive. Indicate if your theme has a responsive design or not (if you do not know what a responsive design is, then you probably should choose "No"). This is purely informational, and can be changed at any time.