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  • Select a file. Note that you can have text on the image, and indicate the language of that text using the language selector.
    Additionally, this means you can have a different image for each language. But be aware they these images will be tied: same position, inability to delete one without deleting the others, etc.
  • Title. The title appears in the "Slides configuration" section, and helps you sort the images.
  • URL. You can choose to send the customer to a given page of your shop when he or she clicks the image. This is useful when the image promotes a certain product, category or manufacturer.
  • LegendCaption. The alternate text to be used if somehow the image cannot be loaded. This is essential for accessibility.
  • Description. The text appears when the mouse pointer hovers over the image.
  • Active. You can disable an image whenever needed, for instance when the discount it promotes ends.