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Advanced EU Compliance

New in PrestaShop

The Advanced EU Compliance module helps merchants make their shops compliant with the recent, more restrictive EU regulations.

This is must-have module for European stores.

Most of its options are meant to provide more transparency to the final customers, with:

  • More detailed price labels (“From” price, tax, shipping fees and delays, product weight, etc.)
  • Advanced checkout page
  • Legal content attachment for emails

Not all of its option will be useful in all countries, but they all help make your store more respectful of the EU e-commerce laws.
The default settings are the recommended settings; you are free to enable or disable options as you see fitefit.

Label options

Make sure to translate all text fields in all your available languages.


  • Enable 'Tell A Friend' feature. If enabled, the "Send to a Friend" module allows customers to send to a friend an email with a link to a product's page.
    This option makes sure you comply with your local legislation before enabling: the emails sent by this feature can be considered as unsolicited commercial emails. 
  • Enable 'Reordering' feature. If enabled, the "Reorder" option allows customers to reorder in one click from their Order History page.
    This option makes sure you comply with your local legislation before enabling: it can be considered as unsolicited goods. 
  • Enable "Advanced checkout page". Replaces the standard checkout process with a more legally (EU of course) compliant one. This option only works with the default-bootstrap template or other compatible templates and with compatible payment methods (many modules already adapted).
    Once enabled, the advanced checkout page displays the following sections: payment methods, address summary, ToS agreement, cart summary, and an "Order with Obligation to Pay" button.
  • Average Proportionate tax for shipping and# and wrapping. Instead of assigning a tax rules group to carriers and gift wrapping, the average tax of the products in the cart is used to compute the tax of gift wrapping and shipping. This is very useful in Germany.
    Once enabled, tax for shipping and wrapping costs is an average of all the costs will be calculated proportionate to taxes applying to the products in the cart. 
    In effect, this means that the customer will get a definitive "with tax" price at the beginning of the checkout, and the shipping and wrapping taxes will be calculated all along the checkout process and taken on your margin.

Legal content management

Several options of this module need the system to “know” what some CMS pages are for. If not no page is available for some needed page association, then you have to create them.



content inclusion 

With this interface, merchants you can choose which documents are attached to include at the bottom to any of the standard e-mails sent by the shop – for instance, your shop's "Terms and Conditions" textual content can be included at the bottom of all invoices sent.

The content is chosen from the settings in the "Legal content management" section aboveof this module. If no option is set, then you cannot choose a content to send.